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How to write SEO articles

28 Nov How to write SEO articles

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important factors for top search engine placements of websites on Google, Bing, etc. Many of you would have heard about this acronym and would have come across SEO while browsing the internet. Individuals write articles and blogs but really don’t get any recognition on the internet. Even though they may be creative or very useful there’s no one who’ll know about your work. For those who are looking for ways to improve their websites and blogs, this is what you should be looking at. Just creativity will not get you recognized, it needs little more work done to get you ranked on top and viewed by many people. It’s easier than ever to do that. What better than learn it for free and get good results from your websites, blogs and articles.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Optimization of website for search engine optimization is nothing but the use of keywords in a proper manner. These are easy tricks one can use to make a simple useless, unseen article or website visible on the internet in a very less span of time.  It is important that keywords are used in a specific density. Anything too much can be harmful- truly said by someone. Even too much of keyword usage can harm your content on the World Wide Web. So, the right amount of keywords needs to be near 3 to 4 percent of the total content. This comes to around one or two keywords in every paragraph. It’s easy yet important to use search engine positioning services to find the apt keywords for your content on your website and it must be in the right amount. There are various keyword density checker on the internet which can be used to check the amount of keywords that have been used in the content. These checkers can help you in keeping yourself from stuffing your article with too many keywords.seo article yoast

As placement of keywords is important, it is also important to write the right keywords relevant to the topic or brand. To know which keywords to make us of, first one should know roughly what the brand is about. Or in much simpler terms what is the brand aiming to achieve. This makes it easy to decide on what is the keyword. After identifying the main keyword, it is advised to use the Google Keyword Planner to familiarize you with the keywords which are generally used and which are searched a lot on Google. This tool also gives you variants which you can use in your content. These variants enable you to use maximum keywords in your content without causing stuffing. This also many times gives you more content to write on. There are many other tools other than Google Adwords which can be used to research keywords. Also, many websites are present on the World Wide Web that can assist you in searching for relevant keyword for your content.

Next important thing in SEO or Search Engine Optimization is use of headings. Headings help you to organize what you’re writing about and also categorize your content to maximum level. It reduces excess of useless content and gives a good shape to the description you are forming. You can use headings to place keywords which will increase the richness of your content. Again, overuse of keywords can be considered spamming by Google and your website can be considered futile. You can also use sub-headings for more effectiveness. Keywords again, are the most essential part in the sub-heading. Spend time on doing your research before you start your writing process. Creativity plus keywords placement are the key to optimizing your content on the internet.

Include the keyword in the title of the article. For example, if your article is about iPhone, the keyword will be iPhone. Then the title can be “why should you buy an iPhone?”, “Benefits of iPhones”, etc. Now your article can easily be found if anyone is searching results related to iPhones. Title is the most important and significant part of the content you are writing. And it is most useful if it contains the right keywords in it. The title can win you half of the race if it is keyword rich and relevant to your brand. SEO marketing is the best way to get your work done.
Meta- description is the second most important in Google searches. Again, it is essential to use the main keywords in the meta-description. It improves the validity and effectiveness of the article manifold. Pay more attention to these tiny factors and they’ll repay you back many times more.seo article

To do SEO optimization you don’t need to do a big course or go to someone else to get your work done. There are simple steps that can help you optimize your content on the web in no time with being smart and creating much more effective content. It is smart to use helping hands when you have them. Everything has a website or app that can help you go in the right direction with web SEO marketing.

Your content needs to create an impression on the audience; it is not possible without smart writing and using keywords. It is not all a tedious task but it moreover, makes your job easier and successful. To draw traffic to your website you need magnetic words that’ll pull more and more attention to create a mad crowd. And keywords are those magic words which will help you do that. Never go lenient with this because this is the key to your success.

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